Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 week diet

The 3 wek diet program (review coming soon)

As i said i was going to, i bought the 3 week diet. And for what its worth, for that price it actually gives some really good ideas on how to actually lose weight.

I need to check on the site again to see if i'm actually able to tell you at least one of the ideas in it without being sued. Because if you haven't noticed I try to stray as far away as i can from breaking the law.

I want to make money, not lose it lol.

P.S i wanted to add mention two things. My blog should be like a weight loss team, so i was think what would a good weight loss team name be? My second idea was going to add on to the list of the "14 easy ideas to lose wight", you could also look up swim workouts for weight loss. I got this idea when i thought about that guy who i believe was in a swimming competition, he had to swim I believe 10 miles straight (or less) and swimming that much in a few hours he lost 14 pounds.

Question of the day:

what would a good weight loss team name be?

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