Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 week diet

The 3 wek diet program (review coming soon)

As i said i was going to, i bought the 3 week diet. And for what its worth, for that price it actually gives some really good ideas on how to actually lose weight.

I need to check on the site again to see if i'm actually able to tell you at least one of the ideas in it without being sued. Because if you haven't noticed I try to stray as far away as i can from breaking the law.

I want to make money, not lose it lol.

P.S i wanted to add mention two things. My blog should be like a weight loss team, so i was think what would a good weight loss team name be? My second idea was going to add on to the list of the "14 easy ideas to lose wight", you could also look up swim workouts for weight loss. I got this idea when i thought about that guy who i believe was in a swimming competition, he had to swim I believe 10 miles straight (or less) and swimming that much in a few hours he lost 14 pounds.

Question of the day:

what would a good weight loss team name be?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1 new weight loss product that works fast

My friend, introduced me to this weight loss product through twitter, its gets you to lose weight quick or aka 3 weeks.

You lose about 35 punds in those 3 weeks (a pound a day), which is great, i think i might buy it myself now, ha. But so far what i learned is its nothing you've seen before. Even my friend told me "you wont regret it, i'm still using it and i'm down by almost 50 pounds in one month." I obviously believe him because he was a BIG guy and now he's skinnier than me.

 So yeah i just wanted to inform you guys of this because its easy and doesnt look like it requires much work which in my opinion is a blessing in disguise. So please check it out and tell me how it goes for y'all. Link below:



Monday, September 17, 2012

2 hours of doctors

Just a quick update on what i did today. i went to the doctors,well-hospital. I went there because my stomach was killing me, i doubt it had anything to do with my weight though. But, since it has to do with health and fitness (kinda, i had to walk there right?) i decided to post it

I hated being in that hospital, but the main part probably seemed stupid, I was scared to death of the iv machine. I mean really who wouldn't be? They stick a needle then a plastic tube into your veins, that is scary as hell.

Are you scared of the doctors? If so, Why?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 reasons to lose weight

I know, seems simple enough right? Well, in reality, it isn't as simple as it seems, mostly because of one main/common reason; You don't think you can do it.

Okay, well we obviously know that everyone is capable of losing weight, some fast some slow. The  point is everyone can do it. Okay, now on to the main reason for writing this short post, 2 reasons for you to lose weight.

2 reason for you to lose weight:

  1. You feel better.
Yea, i know what your thinking, yes it seems cliche, but its one of those things that can not be stressed enough. When you lose weight your helping your body, not just yourself (if that makes any sense, i doubt it). Your body will feel better about doing more task, like running; your body wont get tired out from running as quickly as you did before you lose weight.

     2.  You'll live longer

This one really doesn't need much explanation. When your body is healthier you-well, live longer (see, not much). Because you lose a lot of the problems that comes with being over weight at whatever age you are. 

P.S Just because i'm writing this that doesn't mean i'm saying you HAVE TO lose weight. I mean, you don't really need to be "skinny" to be healthy. Unlike my doctor i don't try to judge people just by their weight (he just automatically assumed i ate a lot, because i was "big"). In my opinion, no body should be FORCED to change, because everyone is beautiful the way they are. I truly mean that from the bottom of this fat burning journey i put myself on ha. 

Speaking of that, what exercise(s) do y'all think i should try from my previous post, whichever one y'all give me i will give regular updates on my experiences with it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

14 easy ideas to lose weight

So, all over the world people are searching for weight loss routines, teen or adult. These weight loss routine/exercises/whatever you wanna call them, can be very crucial in your weight loss and well "Fat burning" (Ha, sound sexy right?)

Most of these has to last around 4-9 months. Hell, if your feeling ambitious try all or more than one of these at once, you'll see Weight loss most likely 10 times faster, and maybe a few pounds in 1-5 days. 

As a little shortcut on your diet and exercise research, here are fourteen weight loss ideas (not detailed, i could give my criteria and summary of them in a later post) that i found on the web:
  1. "Weight loss camps"
     for teens and adults
  2. Yoga  
  3. "Weight loss spa" (first time hearing of this)
  4. Eat nothing but salad and drink water
  5. Running daily 
  6. "Jenny Craig" (worth a shot)
  7. P90x workout 
  8. Karate Classes (also good for self defense)
  9. "Exercise classes" 
  10. "Wii fit" (Fun, but takes a little longer)
  11. Most Wii brand and dance games (Wii tennis,Wii bowling, etc)
  12. Zumba (basically just dancing that focuses on certain areas of the body
  13. Working as a personal couch for a family member (I mean its free, sometimes and you work out with them)
  14. Eat only fruit 

All of these are some good ideas for workouts, but just as a disclaimer none of these will work without having a "good diet", and if your gonna eat something that's "bad" check the calories and try to keep the amount of calories you take in from that "bad thing" low. P.S i added quotations to some of the phrases because i rather not be sued for copyright, and some for emphasis better safe than sorry.

1 quick back story...

Okay, first of all i wanted to say welcome everyone who is even take the time to visit this terribly put together website (oh my modesty). But, really if you even got this ifar into this story, and continue on to the rest of this THANK YOU.

Now, onto the "incident". I walked into the doctors office not expecting anything, all i wanted was a physical. I got this doctor that walked in and said "okay lets talk about your weight." I didn't take offense to this at all because i always see myself as well, you know. He then began to ramble on about how i'm "190 and 14" I mean i'm tall so i look slim, you cant really tell how large i supposedly am. 

He said "is their anything you think you can change." i was confused and asked what he meant because i legit didn't know what he was asking. The doctor then began to go on about how i'm wasting his time and he "has other patients." WE began arguing after that rude comment and my mother decided she had enough and went to get me a different doctor.

When my mom check the report thing that the doctor had written, he wrote obese on the paper.