Saturday, September 15, 2012

1 quick back story...

Okay, first of all i wanted to say welcome everyone who is even take the time to visit this terribly put together website (oh my modesty). But, really if you even got this ifar into this story, and continue on to the rest of this THANK YOU.

Now, onto the "incident". I walked into the doctors office not expecting anything, all i wanted was a physical. I got this doctor that walked in and said "okay lets talk about your weight." I didn't take offense to this at all because i always see myself as well, you know. He then began to ramble on about how i'm "190 and 14" I mean i'm tall so i look slim, you cant really tell how large i supposedly am. 

He said "is their anything you think you can change." i was confused and asked what he meant because i legit didn't know what he was asking. The doctor then began to go on about how i'm wasting his time and he "has other patients." WE began arguing after that rude comment and my mother decided she had enough and went to get me a different doctor.

When my mom check the report thing that the doctor had written, he wrote obese on the paper.

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