Saturday, September 15, 2012

14 easy ideas to lose weight

So, all over the world people are searching for weight loss routines, teen or adult. These weight loss routine/exercises/whatever you wanna call them, can be very crucial in your weight loss and well "Fat burning" (Ha, sound sexy right?)

Most of these has to last around 4-9 months. Hell, if your feeling ambitious try all or more than one of these at once, you'll see Weight loss most likely 10 times faster, and maybe a few pounds in 1-5 days. 

As a little shortcut on your diet and exercise research, here are fourteen weight loss ideas (not detailed, i could give my criteria and summary of them in a later post) that i found on the web:
  1. "Weight loss camps"
     for teens and adults
  2. Yoga  
  3. "Weight loss spa" (first time hearing of this)
  4. Eat nothing but salad and drink water
  5. Running daily 
  6. "Jenny Craig" (worth a shot)
  7. P90x workout 
  8. Karate Classes (also good for self defense)
  9. "Exercise classes" 
  10. "Wii fit" (Fun, but takes a little longer)
  11. Most Wii brand and dance games (Wii tennis,Wii bowling, etc)
  12. Zumba (basically just dancing that focuses on certain areas of the body
  13. Working as a personal couch for a family member (I mean its free, sometimes and you work out with them)
  14. Eat only fruit 

All of these are some good ideas for workouts, but just as a disclaimer none of these will work without having a "good diet", and if your gonna eat something that's "bad" check the calories and try to keep the amount of calories you take in from that "bad thing" low. P.S i added quotations to some of the phrases because i rather not be sued for copyright, and some for emphasis better safe than sorry.

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