Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 reasons to lose weight

I know, seems simple enough right? Well, in reality, it isn't as simple as it seems, mostly because of one main/common reason; You don't think you can do it.

Okay, well we obviously know that everyone is capable of losing weight, some fast some slow. The  point is everyone can do it. Okay, now on to the main reason for writing this short post, 2 reasons for you to lose weight.

2 reason for you to lose weight:

  1. You feel better.
Yea, i know what your thinking, yes it seems cliche, but its one of those things that can not be stressed enough. When you lose weight your helping your body, not just yourself (if that makes any sense, i doubt it). Your body will feel better about doing more task, like running; your body wont get tired out from running as quickly as you did before you lose weight.

     2.  You'll live longer

This one really doesn't need much explanation. When your body is healthier you-well, live longer (see, not much). Because you lose a lot of the problems that comes with being over weight at whatever age you are. 

P.S Just because i'm writing this that doesn't mean i'm saying you HAVE TO lose weight. I mean, you don't really need to be "skinny" to be healthy. Unlike my doctor i don't try to judge people just by their weight (he just automatically assumed i ate a lot, because i was "big"). In my opinion, no body should be FORCED to change, because everyone is beautiful the way they are. I truly mean that from the bottom of this fat burning journey i put myself on ha. 

Speaking of that, what exercise(s) do y'all think i should try from my previous post, whichever one y'all give me i will give regular updates on my experiences with it.

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